Social responsibility

Taking responsibility
and giving back something good.

Social responsibility

Mindfulness and togetherness

We see our company as part of the whole and consider it important to share something of our success. Our results are characterised by job satisfaction, enthusiasm and know-how – but equally important for us is a sense of togetherness and mutual awareness. This team spirit is part of the company's core and our mentality, and has been an important part of the company's history for nearly 50 years.

Taking responsibility

We have taken a clear position and want to take responsibility. We are aware that we cannot help everywhere, but we believe that we can do great things with even the smallest amount of assistance. Accordingly we support first and foremost regional institutions and local associations. In addition, we participate in aid projects and support people in need – depending upon what is urgent or where we see the need for action.


We support the following:


Strahlemann-Stiftung (the Strahlemann foundation)

Waldpiratencamp der Deutschen Kinderkrebsstiftung (the forest pirate camp of the German Children's Cancer Foundation)

Sportverein Winterkasten (the Winterkasten sports association)

KSG Brandau

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Winterkasten e.V. (the Winterkasten volunteer fire department registered society)