Success Factors: 
Every day is the best day for a perfect job

Erfolgsfaktoren sind der Schlüssel zu nachhaltigem Unternehmenserfolg

For the technician, happiness is the perfect tool. When he has 100 perfect tools, he knows he can master the job. We are proud that our team is committed to producing real KOPP quality day after day. With our 40 employees we achieve amazing things and that's why we're highly valued by our customers. Our people are the engine of our success. Each individual sees himself as a quality manager, feeling personally responsible for the success of "his" customers.




State-of-the-art production technology is important - but the most important thing is "brain-ware": the know-how and motivation of our people. Because they know how to get the most out of our equipment for your benefit. We're very proud of the fact that almost all our employees are experts in their own field - whether it's the grinding of highly complex cutting tools or a friendly and competent order processing service.


We stand behind them all the way.


But it's even more important to us that our staff feel personally responsible for customer satisfaction. The management highly values the special commitment of the KOPP team. We reward our staff but never take them for granted. Our company culture is one of performance, based on responsibility, communication and appreciation. This enriches us all.


99.8% quality ratio - Still a little room for improvement!

You can rest assured that 40 engaged quality professionals are working for you, checking your order so you can get your tools on time and just how you wanted them. That's not only reflected in our quality ratio but also in regular excellent ratings from our QMS certifiers.

Next step: EFQM standard

After our last review, DQS (our ISO certification partner) confirmed that our quality management system is well above the DIN-ISO standard and that we are already on the way to achieving EFQM status. This means you can rely on KOPP for measurable performance in terms of process quality, efficiency, speed and precision.

Made in Germany

With the use of our tools you have decided upon quality "made in Germany". At Kopp Schleiftechnik, this promise of quality stands for hard work, efficiency, precision and innovation. You can expect from us consistently the best possible performance and we are proud of that. Kopp Schleiftechnik is "made in Germany".

Used in Six Sigma and Lean programs, the term “Quality Ratio” is defined as the quantity of “A” grade or Prime grade material produced divided by total production (Off grade+Prime grade)

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Our Production Facilities

It's simply a lot of fun to use our machines

With the latest WALTER 5-axis CNC machines, (e.g. a HELITRONIC VISION 400 L) we put ideas and designs for high-precision cutting tools into action. It's even more fun when we can also quickly and economically produce even unusual tool geometries and small volumes for our customers.

Progress in quality and efficiency

Our Rollomatic CNC cylindrical grinding machines and our TRANSOR central oil coolant supply and filtration system (which supplies our machines with purified grinding oil at a constant temperature) are the centrepieces of our facilities. With these production facilities we cannot fail to win in terms of flexibility, set-up times, and precision while you have a decisive advantage in process quality and productivity.


Kopp Familie


What can our tool grinding specialists do for you?

If you have any questions about our tool manufacturing experience with state-of-the-art grinding technology or our range of services, a friendly, qualified person is available to answer them at any time. You can also arrange an appointment with us in Winterkasten. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your requests. We'll find a suitable solution!


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