Protective coatings for incredible
tool life

Erfolgsfaktoren sind der Schlüssel zu nachhaltigem Unternehmenserfolg

No matter whether your tool is new or reground, a professional surface coating gives your tools a decisive advantage in terms of performance, durability and precision.

Wear-Protection Coatings


For good reason we work with Oerlikon Balzers Coating Germany GmbH, one of the most innovative companies in the coatings industry. The hard material coatings BALINIT® and BALIQ® developed by Oerlikon Balzers are applied to the cutting edge under vacuum at temperatures of between 180 and 480 degrees Celsius.

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Life cycle maximised x 15!

Life cycle
x 15!
Lebenszyklus hoch Fünfzehn














The Oerlikon Balzers coatings are just a few thousandths of a millimetre thick. You not only improve the surface hardness by a multiple number of times, your tools also retain the highest dimensional accuracy and edge sharpness. The service life of your tool can be be extended by up to 15 times over that of an uncoated tool. The same rapid processing is also guaranteed for wear-protection coatings. For you this means short delivery times for best KOPP quality.


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