Regrinding service for your cutting tools

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Give your old tools a new sparkle!

Experienced staff revamp your cutting tools with state-of-the-art, 5-axis CNC grinding machines as well as traditional grinding machines, the latest measuring technology and our high-performance coating procedures. KOPP offers to regrind your drilling, milling and custom-made tools. This allows you to fully exploit the performance potential of a precision tool and extend its life cycle. Regrinding your tools brings cost savings of up to 75 percent compared with purchasing new ones.

"KOPP Quality" with the latest techniques


KOPP’s knowledgeable staff, state-of-the-art 5-axis CNC tool grinders (as well as manual machines), and the latest measuring technology, combine to deliver consistently high-precision tools. Add our special high-performance coating techniques and your reground cutting tools will perform as well as new tools. That's why we can also guarantee "made by KOPP" quality on reground tools.

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During the fabrication of a new tool we store its parameters, data, etc., in the relevant production papers, data sheets, and CNC programmes. Regrinding exactly according to our manufacturing specifications increases tool service life considerably. The extra plus for you: Our team doesn't lose any time with data research when you want to want to have your tools (drills, milling cutters) reground - every tool is ready to use again amazingly quickly!


We guarantee:

  • Quality and precision
  • The service life of a new tool
  • Dimensional accuracy



Do you have any questions about our regrinding service?

Our order processing team is ready to provide information on the upgrading of cutting tools.
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Stephan Bechtel

Order processing / Regrinding service

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Technical Director / Order processing / Regrinding service

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